Sunday, August 23, 2009

Janice Man and Angelababy ~

haha, introducing Janice Man (Man was her surname) and Angelababy from HK~
normally people will put Angelababy's name in front of janice, but because i personally likes janice more, so i put her name on first place.

i know them, erm, around 6 months ago? yeah, i watch 'lingerie girls' staring stephy and janice.
then i saw angelababy in many of HK gossip magazine, she is stunning, gorgeous and very eye catching. then, start to know more bout them. just few weeks ago, i browse them at youtube, knowing more bout the HK model things, and the scandals, but i feel weird why they dont have wiki page. maybe soon~

Both of them are model, not for the catwalk/runway type but only those clothing line and product's model. Of course, because of their height. i wasnt sure about their height, because, they dont have their page yet at wiki, so, im not bother to search their profile for it. So they are probably 162-165cm, which is normal gals height.

At Hk, they are known as ' Leng Mo' which is leng mui model, something like that la. because they are 20(angela) and 21(janice) this year and they have been in model industry since they are 13-14?not sure~
In 'Leng Mo' area, they have this very good and outstanding result because their looks are outstanding and the plastic surgery scandals, beating all others tiny model, maybe Kama(what kind of name is this?) and some, i cannot remember their name, just watch them few times in youtube.

Angelababy did not admit that she had done plastic surgery, i watch it at youtube, but if you look at her past picture, it is quite obvious that she had done minor job on her face. only minor i think, maybe lips and eyes and because now the makeup tech is improving a lot, so i believe she only done a minor surgery.
For janice, i think she did her eyes, probably done a minor eye lid thinggy, making her eyes shining now, and she did lose a lot of weight. so she is so beautiful now~

Their Duo Shoot~

Janice Man
baby fat maybe~

soon~ still baby fat~

wew~ gorgeous~

she seems like a animal lover

this is devon aoki.
i think janice have similar lips shape with her,
i used to like her before, but she got no news anymore~

this is the pic, when she is 14? or 15?
how can she say she didnt done any surgery??

and she become as below~
is power of make up or photoshop or what?

Honestly, i dont see a big deal in doin plastic surgery.
because, if i have extra money,(the normal human being) i also will do. Probably my nose, and skin.
Imagine, a model or a singer?? They need to count on their face n body to make life, how can they not improve??? they need scandal to appear on news paper, they need a pretty face to appear in magazine, so that us, will remember them, so folks, forgive and accept them if they only done a minor things on their face. its really a must lor, and, when i see them getting prettier, i feel happy also. Pretty people are always better than ugly(and refuse to improve) people rite?


CI said...
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Anh-Thi said...

162cm/165? they look alot taller then that. on the net t says 168!

Anna said...

wow i so agree with wat u said at the end of jm n abb pics!

btw i am 23 now and look really different when i was 14. if u saw my b4 and now pics u might even think i've gotten surgery lol. so i don't think there's enough proof in your photo to say abb had surgery. unless she admits it so herself cuz i really cant spot the difference haha

i love them both jm and abb

Ariel said...

im not actually sure if angelababy got surgery.. i have her on facebook (she goes by Katherine Lam on there) and she has a lot of photos of herself when she was younger and she looked similar except more caucasian and with really bad hair hahaha :P
seriously, go look for urself :)

charmaine said...

99% they have done something but minor 1 to improve. its okay, nobody blame them, people makes noise because they need news. Stars that dont have special talent need a beautiful face to balance anyway~

Melissa Jane said...

she got do plastic surgery. here.

AyuReady said...

cool!! looks scary n painful but totally worth it!! LOL

theused1 said...

Omg her plastic surgery was amazing. She's looks soo different. does anyone know WHERE she got her plastic surgery done or the name of her plastic surgeon? I to want to get cosmetic surgery. Pplss rply bk.

theused1 said...

The before n after is simply amazing. Who is the doctor who did it for her?

city said...

thanks for share....