Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silly childhood story 4~ malay nurse


They are adorable kiddos~

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I suddenly remember this and i wanted to share with you.

Its about Christian name.

Kelly Lien Sin Yee is my niece. My youngest brother's daughter. The Christian name is given by my sister in law and chinese name was given by my bro.

During the second pregnancy, they are planning to name their second daughter. So my sister in law ask for my opinion. I said Joey, since you have Kelly, now you put Joey la. Since i like Joey Yung so much that time and she is so popular. Kelly Chen was popular that time too. Then we try to figure out the chinese name. We were planning to put Joey Lien Ju Yee, but that sound ridiculous because it have like double Joey in a same name. I don like that actually. Like if you put Lien Ju Yee, automatically people will call you Joey right? Like Ng Joo Bee, we call her Jubie.

So finally, after my consultation they decided to put Lien Joey as their second daughter's name.

After a month, while Joey is one month old, my sister in law bring her to small government clinic for vaccination and health check up. After passing the nurse the health record book, my sis in law waiting aside hugging the small Joey.

The nurse called, " Lien Joi, Lien Joi"

My sis in law was shocked like hell, she is thinking, OMG, is Joey's name spell wrongly in the birth cert?

After the check up, she immediately call me.

Sis : Hey, Ping, is Joey's name spell wrongly??
Me : Why leh?
Sis : I bring her to check up this morning, and the nurse calling her Lien Joi.
Me : Hah?? Is that nurse a malay nurse?
Sis : Yes, by the way, i spell it for you. L-I-E-N-J-O-E-Y, is that correct?
Me : Yes, should be Lien Joey, not Lien Joi.
Sis : Scare me a lot.
Me : Dont worry la, those nurse never saw this kind of fashionable name. HAhahhaa..

As you all know 'joi' in cantonese is not a good word. It means dick. LOL..

And joi sound like joy or joyce. LOL

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